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Circle K stores located in Arizona: 2 Largest shopping mall with Circle K store in Arizona: Ahwatukee Foothills Towne Center Circle K store locator Arizona displays complete list and huge database of Circle K stores, factory stores, shops and boutiques in Arizona.

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The expansive network of Circle K stores reaches in excess of 3, domestic locations and upwards of 10, total retail outlets around the world. Job seekers should encounter little resistance in finding meaningful part-time and full-time employment with the prominent chain of service stations.
Complete Circle K Store Locator. List of all Circle K locations. Find hours of operation, street address, driving map, and contact information.
For more than 50 years, Circle K has been one of North America’s most popular and successful operators of convenience stores. Today, there are more than 3, Circle K stores across the USA and over 4, international locations.
circle k. is the worst convince store i ever worked for.. worse 2 months of my life i worked with bad managers and workers but the one in Georgetown Texas Williams drive is the worse the workers do not have any customer services exp. what so ever, the manger MARK is a tobacco in front of customers stuff the crap in his mouth just.
There are tens of thousands of gas station convenience stores in the USA. Many of these stores are open late and offer everything from gas pumps to coffee. Get info about 24 hour store locations along with the Shawsville Circle K store hours, Circle K reviews and Circle K promo codes on our site.
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We carry beverages fit for energizing, satisfying, warming up, cooling down or just plain quenching your thirst. Fuel up, oil up and tidy up your car. Everyday discounts apply after introductory offer expires. Rewards made free…and Easy. Having the Circle K App means Easy access to savings, share deals, check in deals and sometimes free stuff.

Get your Polar Pop cup at Circle K and fill it up with one of our incredible fountain beverage options! Try a variety of flavors or create your own unique flavor combination! Our donuts, cookies, pastries and assorted cakes are baked with rich, delicious ingredients.

They arrive fresh and ready to serve. Enjoy something from the bakery any time of the day. Available at select locations. Circle K offers a wide selection of domestic and import beers. Your store on Walker North Road and Courtney you have a female employee that is totally abusive to other employees. As a customer I find it appalling that you let this employee get away with this. The other day while I was in your store this woman took a board and hit a older man employee in the back of the head with it.

This man is a good and friendly employee. This woman is your employee and the management knows what she did and they still let her work there. This isn't her first time hitting a employee. I hope the man that was hit has her arrested.

She is a danger to employees and customers. Since it is her routine to cuss her customers. What kind of corporation are you people. Well you have and going to loose a lot of customer that keep you in business. I only know this woman first name Reba. You all do have cameras and these epidoses are on it. We've implemented cinnamon coffee. I make it as much as the hazelnut and premium blend.

Disapointed you took out the bags of carmel macheato and put in the those little individual cups. No where near the same flavor. You lost a daily customer as I found another location that is further from my office. Its a shame because I could even walk over at lunch time for a second cup. You are an asshole. The drink area disgusting. I asked the worker why, were to busy. No effort to make change.

Tried to fill my truck up paying cas was told no unless I left cash ont hte counter-would not allow me to leave drivers liscence-went to Marathon 3 blocks away and fillied up -no problem.

I have had an arkansas id since i was 18 and have been going into circle k in louisiana since then and today when i went in to get a carton of cigs they told me corp. Went to circle k in pinto md on for an ice tea and apack of cupcakes, the one cashier was checking out his register, while the manager was putting the order of smokeless tobacco away,stood there for three minutes, they both seen me standing there but continue to do what they were doing instead of waiting on me.

After three minutes of standing there, I put my items back and went on to the next closest convenience store. Sorry to say I will NOT be back. I am sorry that happen to you.. That is not Circle K's Policy. Circle K's training teaches that "the customer is not a distraction". How do I find out if you've received my application and what the status is?

As a successful business man, this would be taken more seriously if your letter contained no profanity and proper punctuation and grammar. It is very unprofessional. Profanity only bothers if it is directed in the wrong direction. A corporation Like Circle - K hiring a lot of Zombies that have bad employee skills and are lucky to have a job. And there corporate office ignoring complaint's such as this has made me a Vallero and Quick Mart customer I will not Pander to such a company that is deliberate in professional ignorance.

Circle k breeds these kind of employees. Just this passed thanksgiving day employees were promised time and a half but actually got paid half time, less than minimum wage, for working on a holiday. When Sandy ,the area manager for st. The real problem is that the everyone who got their pay for working that day got paid less than minimum wage because they programed the payroll computer to calculate the rate of pay at point 5. Since they stopped handing out paystubs not to many people caught the error netting large sums of money for the Canadian owners.

They also refuse to let employees take earned vacations saying that they are under staffed then taking your vacation hours that you earned because you did not take them. Yes you red that right. Lets just say that their accounting is not exactly up to par either but that is another issue for another crowd.

It seems Circle k preys upon employees and as far as customer service they could care less otherwise they would at least not rip off their employees who then inturn could care less about their job. That's what circle k wants to keep wages low by creating a revolving door of new trainees in a attempt to save money and they will do it any other way they can get away with or so it seems.

I am an assistant manager at a Circle K in Ohio and I go out of my way to make it so that every customer receives my complete undivided attention. I have seen a fair amount of employees like this and it disgusts me. I am personally sorry to everyone that has had a bad experience in a Circle K and hopefully some day I can help get all of the employees that don't care out and good ones in. If you are ever in Bowling Green, Ohio come visit me.

My name is Paul. Is it possible for you to add a designated smoking area "AWAY" from the entrance of your stores? I have severe allergies and at various times, I will not enter the store because one of your employees is smoking near the front door. I understand people have the right to smoke, but I have the right to breath. All I am asking is that employees be considerate and do it away from the front door. Just stop breathing when you walk by. I frequently go to the store on W Chandler Blvd in Chandler.

The staff is pleasant and friendly, but am disturbed that the manager does drug deals out of her PT Cruiser. I believe her name Jennifer. Chandler police have been notified. I choose to do business elsewhere. How much for an oz of skunk is it cheaper than the dispensaries. I'm having difficulty with the Job Application Process.

I fiiled out an application back on however it would not let me put in for the store I was applying for. I was able to fill an appt out but it is not found in the system by the store that is hiring.

And your appt system wont let me feel out another one until the 45 days is up. I just want to go in and revise my appt and send it to the correct store so as I can be considered for employment. I need and want a job and from what I understand this particular store needs and wants an employee. I need to know what I can do to get this completed efficiently. Be careful Terri these guys are sidewinders.

I think someone till dipped and used it for drugs and paid it back before they got caught but was going to use my kid as a scape goat. Have Circle K headquarters noticed the high rate of turn over at Creston Ohio location? Your competitor, Stop-N-Go, The manager is an alcoholic that harasses ppl on Facebook, her Son robs the store every time he goes in there, half your inventory is probably at her house. She also can't separate her personal life from her professional title as "functioning alcoholic manager".

She has lost workers that have been there for yrs. Locals got use to that as well as vendors, they like seeing the same friendly faces, ppl are migrating down the road to Stop-N-Go, nothing against them, but for 30yrs I've gone to Circle K.

As of last, she banned a very honest young man bc she doesn't like the friendship between her own Son and the young man she banned for no reason at all.

Penny doesn't have the management or customer service skills to keep this door running productively. Has anyone ever ask the employee or past employers why there is such a huge turn over rate and why she can just ban someone just bc she doesn't" like " them? Can you not see all the complaints above and soon to be below me?? Your Employees in the north east Phoenix locations are Obviously not happy and their demeanor Shows it!! One Person on register with a line 10 people deep while 3 other employees are outside Smoking cigarettes.

Its sad when a customer has to go outside and ask one of them to please come in and ring people up and the overall attitude is "Whatever"!! Union hills and 32nd street is a Joke Yesterday there was nearly a throw down Between Employees to Claim unsold Breakfast sandwiches and gobble them at the cash wrap right in front of customers!! Please tell me why I should continue to solicit any Circle K Store??

I thought Mcdonalds was bad but they seem down right religious compared to the travesty that supposedly passes for customer service at any north valley Store. Good luck but I will never go into one of your stores again. Do the managers, assistant managers 'fool around' in the office on slow hours?? Also was told by a manager and an assistant manager in Eureka ,Mo. Was one employee, who became asst. Also in the Eureka Mo. Is any of this true??? I've never seen her before.

You can seriously loose a lot of business giving those managers the authority to tell people that they can't come in the store and I'm an upstanding citizen.

I am now sick as a dog, didn't even realize it was past due till I drank some and noticed it tasted horrible! Thank you so much for destroying my Thanksgiving! Stop making up those stupid story you fool - Sick like a dog drinking old Pepsi - ha ha only dogs believe you. I live in okmulgee Oklahoma, the circle k store on West fourth street is a joke, the people there are always standing around talking instead of waiting on the customers, they will turn around and see you and just keep on talking, the managers is always out outside smoking, two workers were caught outside buying prescription medication, i could go on and on, i live near the store I see what goes on and you want to make more business and money then get all new day people over there who cares about the customers and the store.

Try waiting 17th person in line at 8th and Wood Drive while one employee smokes outside and another wanders around shuffling paperwork behind the counter with one lonely employee operating a cash register You have a employee in your circle k store in coshocton,Ohio that is very rude.

Everytime I go up to the counter to pay for gas,food etc. I have had enough of it. I don't know if I am the only one she does it too but I find it very offensive.

There is other ways to deal with a customer that may have too strong of perfume etc. I am finding that I am tired of going in there when she is working or going in there at all. Your store is also in a very bad neighborhood so it scares me to go in there at night and that also is when she working.

I have even heard her tell the manager to wait on me as a customer cause of her puking and gagging. I have worked retail alot in my time and that is not the way to handle customers that are frequenting your store. I am totally upset and find her behavior to be un called for. Its very offensive to me. You need to do something and now or i will SUE. Take a look at yourself or maybe, smell yourself before making those complaints. There must be a reason for people react differently to different people.

Actually, if she has breathing problems or certain types of allergies, and you wear strong colognes or perfumes that set off her medical condition, then she can't help her response. You really could be literally making her sick. People go to QT because the quality of people who work at QT so far surpasses the quality of people who work at Circle K that they can't even be compared.

At QT the clerks work 2 or 3 registers at once, they put the change back in your hand and not on top of the bills, they have common sense and the list goes on. It would really help if those writing comments would learn to capitalize and use punctuation. I'm sorry, it is "you" not "u", and "are" not R, and it is "I" not "i".

This is not a kindergarten class, although it is hard to tell by reading your messages. Holy crap, anyone from another country reading this stuff must think we are all as dumb as a stump. Have some respect, and if you are going to send a message, make it something that someone can read.

OMG, I am so with you! These people are educated by "Texting Assuming they have employment? Helper glad you are here to educate us r u a Teacher? Judge not let ye be judged your self the Bible.

PS this isn't a graded essay for college. Who are you kidding you uppity pos. No signs of any kind in site saying that they do this!!!! My wife her daughter and Her child were heading to a wedding 2 Hours away from our home. This totally ruined her week end!!!!

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Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, a cold beverage, a Polar Pop cup, a Froster drink, or fresh food to go, we are the place to visit. Complete Circle K Store Locator. List of all Circle K locations. Find hours of operation, street address, driving map, and contact information. Store locator These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly.