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Dec 16,  · The shoelaces run straight across on the outside of the shoe and straight up on the inside. Works best on shoes with an even number of eyelet pairs. There are various workarounds for shoes .
How to Lace Shoes for Proper Fit Lacing Techniques for Proper Shoe Fit. Certain lacing techniques for shoes can prevent injuries, alleviate pain and relieve foot problems. If you have specific foot problems, follow these lacing techniques to get a good fit with your shoe: This will bring up the side of the shoe.
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Pull the newly-crossed lace to the right away from the shoe to get it out of the way. Continue lacing in this pattern. Start by crossing the lace on the right-hand side over to the left side and downward through the eyelet, making sure that the other lace now emerges from between two crossings. Pull the newly-crossed lace to the left to get it out of the way, then cross the left lace over to the right side. Repeat until the shoe is completely laced. Lacing the shoes this way ensures that cross-laces going in one direction always dominate the cross-laces going in the other.

When the time comes to lace your other shoe, be sure to reverse the process so that your laces mirror each other. Keep your shoelaces from twisting. If you want your vans to look crisp and new, keep the laces as straight as possible. Every time you pull your laces through the eyelets, make sure to flatten them out and keep them from twisting up.

Don't over-tighten the laces, which can cause them to bunch up and look uneven, if they're actually pretty straight.

Take your shoes off and turn them to face you. It's a lot easier to lace up your sneakers when they're on the ground, with the toe facing you, instead of the other way around. If you want them to look right, take them off and turn them around.

Use thick white laces. Vans white laces are usually the best laces for Vans, but any variety of white sneaker lace would be fine.

In general, skate laces are pretty puffy and white, whereas some basketball laces can be really thin and cylindrical, or other sneaker laces can be kind of lighter. You can use any color, of course, but new white laces are the most commonly associated with Vans. Change your laces regularly. Having a fresh set of laces always looks cool. It's a good idea to change your laces every couple of weeks, especially if you're skating regularly and breaking laces, or scuffing them up. Change up the way you lace your shoes.

To get the most life out of your shoes, it's a good idea to alternate between the styles you use when you lace your shoes, so that they won't wear from repeated lacings. If you bar-lace your shoes, cross-lace them every now and then to keep them looking new If you cross-laces your Vans, change the direction of the crosses, so that the right side isn't always over the left, or vice versa.

This will help to keep the shoes from wearing unevenly. You can tie the laces behind the tongue of your shoes and tuck the laces under the tongue. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 18 Helpful It isn't a matter of which on is better -- either you like the cross lace or the bar lace. It's more of a matter of which one fits you best. Not Helpful 45 Helpful Not Helpful 16 Helpful You can put them into the shoe, then wear them with the laces inside the shoe to hide them.

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